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Here are 20 of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our Vinyl Banner service. The complete FAQ is too long to publish here. Please fill in your contact information below, and we will send it to you immediately by return email.

The Banners-Canada FAQ answers these questions

1. What process do you use to print your banners?
2. What kind of vinyl do you use?
3. What kind of inks do you use?
4. Is it an RGB process or CMYK?
5. What software programs can you print from?
6. Can you print both Mac and PC (Windows) files?
7. What image formats do you prefer?
8. What resolution is best for images and graphics?
9. Can you scan images from hard copy (prints or printed material)
10. Can you enlarge images from small web graphics?
11. Can you "bleed" images off the edges?
12. If I don't know anything about design, can you help?
13. Can you design my banner if I give you an idea what I want?
14. How can I send my files to you?
15. Do you have an ftp site?
16. Can I save money by buying more than one banner?
17. Do you put seams around your banners?
18. Are your seams sufficient for outside conditions?
19. Can you put grommets in in your banners?
20. How do you ship your banners?
  Other Questions? Fill out the "Question or Comment" box on the form when you request the FAQ.

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Custom Vinyl Banners from Canada Display Graphics are shipped across Canada & the US.

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